Monday, April 6, 2009

Book review of sorts

I just finished reading When March Went Mad, The Game That Transformed Basketball.

The book was written by Seth Davis and chronicles the 1979 game between Michigan State and Indiana State.

Michigan State was led by Magic Johnson and Indiana State by Larry Bird. Michigan State won the game, but more importantly the game helped college basketball become a serious player with fans.

The Michigan State/Indiana State game has been credited with helping transform college basketball into a bigger event these days.

Davis' book is a must read for fans of college basketball. Not only does it concentrate on the significance of the game and the significance of both Magic and Bird, it tells us the story of both teams leading up to the final game.

Both squads had many interesting stories before, during and after that season. The book details many great stories about the characters on each squad and it does a good job of following the paths of the schools and many of the personalities after that 1979 title game.

- Felix