Monday, April 27, 2009

Mike Smith resigns at LCHS

Las Cruces High boys basketball coach Mike Smith has reportedly resigned his spot at Las Cruces High. He coached the Bulldawgs to a District 3-5A title this past season and the team won two state playoff games and reached the semifinals of the 5A state tournament. His 2001 team also reached the state semifinals.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Felix do you know if he had another job offer somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Didn't he do this last year, too? Didn't he say he was taking a job out of state and told a bunch of people off, only to have that job fall through? I hope he's gone for good this time!

Anonymous said...

Long overdue, he was not liked as a basketball coach by a whole lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Felix wrote, "He did a fair job". I agree.

His better teams, well they disappointed. However some of his less talented teams surprised people.

In the end, his team was hard to beat, ran good offense, played pretty good defense but was inconsistent.

I also think he ran some players off that could of helped him. The not wanting football players thing cost him some games. He kept Dante Caro around though wisely.

In the end, it's probably a good time for a new direction but he worked hard and his teams were competitive.

Anonymous said...

Mike Smith has done less with more talent than any other coach in the district, except for maybe Madden in Alamo. Smith was never able to play with Alamogordo when Ron Geyer was there. He consistantly found ways to stay home with good teams. What makes it worse is his arrogance. I remember him telling the play by play guy in Deming that the coach would never beat him. He beat him nine straight times in the district and ended three of his seasons. Deming had the least amount of talent in the district.He never beat Richard Robinson's two decent teams. Of course Onate was loading up on recruits. And Tommy Morrow has fared well against him with much less talent. His overall program underachieved for many years. But every year the one thing everyone could count on is his bold prediction of dominating district and winning state. I have nothing against Benjamin, but he is not the direction that Cruces High needs to go.

MTS said...


Your a dummy he was one of the best coaches in New Mexico and he did not have alot of talent. He turned a number of kids into ball players. He does not have to kiss peoples ass and he was not there to make everybody happy. So screw you. William is a great guy leanr the game before s=you make comments.

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