Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hal Mumme staff at McMurry

Looks like Hal Mumme's football staff at McMurry will resemble the one had at NMSU.

According to reliable sources, Matt Mumme, Mason Miller, Joe Lee Dunn, Kendall Roberson and Chris Ruybal are likely going to join Mumme, who was officially hired on Wednesday to lead the D-3 school.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

D3, looks like Dumme and Co. are really moving up in the world, huh?

Aggie007 said...

While nobody is happy with the job he did here, I think we should be happy for his staff at least. I'm glad they have jobs and they should be grateful. Good luck to them! Hopefully they can redeem themselves. It seems D3 is the area Mumme has the most success.

Anonymous said...

When we fired Dumme, I said he would never be a D1 coach.
D3 is a looong waaaay from D1, so yes, I was right!

I'm happy for the staff. He put all of them in a tough position and eventually, homeless.

It's interesting to see that Goff Fanoga and the Punisher completely seperated themselves from him. Very good career move on their part as they are young and should prosper in there future endeavors.

JL Dunn is still getting paid by NMSU and he had to take care of his two coaches he brought with him and had to take care of them in some capacity.
I think the 3-3-5 will work just fine with those little D3 athletes.

Mason Miller coached the problematic O-line and should be in the HS ranks.

Matt Mumme needs to be weaned and become a man before he turns 40.

Gregg Harrod is the guy that told fans to "shut the ef up," is a joke.

I guess when your in the soup line, beggars can't be choosers.
Best of luck, y'all.

Aggie007 said...

Agreed, Greg Harrod was a major a**. I hope Mumme didn't bring him along. He needed to fall on his face to learn a tough lesson about being a good person.
And Mike Fanoga is in a better position than he was here, coaching linebackers at Wyoming in the MWC and Matt Walter will continue building his resume with good experience. Good Luck to all of them.


Anonymous said...

Ooops, forgot about Gary Goff.
This is the guy that brought Chris Williams, AJ, Marcus Anderson, etc. and a very good guy.

Word is that he landed as PRINCETON's WR's coach! I hope he does well or at least takes some credits at Princeton to fatten up that resume and move up in the world.

Yes, Mumme took Harrod with him to Abilene.
Misery loves company!!

Anonymous said...

Poor JLD.

Anonymous said...

As one who knows more than some of you on here. Mumme and his staff have been nothing but class since their arrival. They are excited to be here and are treating this D III job like a D1.

We are excited to have them here.

Anonymous said...

A good Christian School sold it's soul to try and improve the football program. Dumme and Co. is going to do nothing for this program and will be lucky to win more than 2 games this year or next. It's a shame McMurry went this route and really whoever made the final decision to hire Dumme needs to fired along with the staff.

somebody said...


Anonymous said...

One year later and has turned McMurry into a winner. Class guy and is leading McMurry to new heights.

How is NMSU doing?