Monday, April 13, 2009

Some NMSU spring football observations

- Cornerback Jonte Green is making waves as someone who could start at the other corner spot next fall across from Davon House.
- Free safety Stephon Hatchett is the likely starter coming out of spring to replace Derrick Richardson.
- Wide receiver Marcus Anderson is having a solid spring. He's doing a good job of catching most balls and making big plays.
- The Aggies seem to be expanding their offense. On Monday, the team used some two tight end sets and seem to be throwing the ball downfield more often.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

The QB's are still not hitting their targets.
I realize the system is new and routes/ throws are still off but, the QB postition is the most critical!

We don't want another 0-12 season (2005) because the QB's are off the mark.

Anonymous said...

Who are the two T.E.'s getting the most work, and how are the D.E.'s looking?

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