Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gary Goff

Former New Mexico State wide receivers coach Gary Goff has landed a job at Princeton.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Good for him! He was probably the only guy from the old staff that had a good personality and was a good guy.

He brought Chris Williams, AJ Harris, Marcus Anderson, Wes Nieman and Hakeem Jolla to NMSU.
If he can find those sleepers, Princenton will rule the IVY League.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is very good for coach goff he was a good guy. He did bring in alot of talent like Chris Williams, Marcus Anderson, LaVorick Williams, AJ harris. In the biggest news about Lavorick Williams is that he is comin back to the team in the summer time because of some issue when he transfer to texas tech. So this would be good for the aggie and the Wide Reciever group. He bring size and blazing speed to this team.

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