Thursday, April 30, 2009

LaVorick to return to NMSU

Williams says he’s returning to NMSU
By Felix Chavez
Sun-News reporter
LAS CRUCES — Wide receiver LaVorick Williams told the Sun-News on Thursday morning he is returning to New Mexico State to play football next fall.
The 6-foot-1, 170-pound Williams left the squad in January to pursue a track and field opportunity at Texas Tech, but things didn’t work out for him there.
“I’lll be back in the summer at New Mexico State,” Williams said. “I was at the spring game last week and talked to head coach DeWayne Walker and receivers coach Keith Murphy. I like the staff and I like the offense. The new offense is a pro style type of offense and receivers can get open downfield with a good running game.”
Williams, who hails from Odessa, Texas, showed flashes of promise in Hal Mumme’s spread offense last year. He caught seven passes for 52 yards.

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Anonymous said...

This kid has amazing talent, otherwise he wouldnt be able to pull something like this off. But he needs to get this head straight. He started off at Tech, transfered to State, went back to Tech and is now coming back to State. Hopefully he is here to stay this time.

Anonymous said...

LaVorick Williams is a amazing kid. I believe the reason he comin back to nmsu is because they told him at tech that he could do both track in football. But i guess they wasnt goin to let him play football. So he comin back I look for him to be a hard worker and a leader because he has all the tools to be great hands,size,and speed. I know he will stay at nmsu this time.

Anonymous said...

He couldnt have played ball at Tech, at least not next year, he would have had to sit the season out as a transfer. That's why he was going to go back to the track team.

Anonymous said...

The reason he left was because tech told the kid he could do track and football but once you sign a track scholarship you cant play football unless u forfit your track scholarship. That is NCAA rules for D1. You have to be on a football scholarship to do both. The kid was unware of that and he wanted to come back nmsu to just do football. The kid will stay this time and I believe he will be good for this new staff..

Anonymous said...

Is he going to have to sit a year out?

somebody said...