Monday, December 1, 2008

Announcement on Mumme

An annoucement on Hal Mumme's future will be held tomorrow, Dec. 2 at 10:30. Speculation is that Mumme will be let go with one year left on his contract.

The Aggies lost to Utah State on Saturday, the team's seventh straight loss. NMSU finished 3-9 on the year. Mumme won just 11 games in his four years.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

I know everybody is ready for Mumme to be gone and they are probably right. However, since the NMSU football program has been close to zero for 40+ years what makes anybody think it's the coach? Seems there may be some dead fish in this barrell that needs to be cleaned out before blaming coach #1-#2-#3-etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree, with the program not being very good for so many years how can anyone expect talent to come here and loose out on a chance of going pro. The only guys that show up here, play for a chance of getting a full ride to get an education or just to play a couple more years under the sun and the stars

Anonymous said...

I agree with these posters, It cant always be the coach I wonder what the real problem is. if I had any boys i sure wouldn't encourage them to come to NMSU. Fans won't even support the b/ball teams and they win so what's the excuse there?

somebody said...