Thursday, January 1, 2009

Antonio Margarito/Shane Mosley

I can't wait for the Antonio Margarito/Shane Mosley welterweight title bout on Jan. 24 in Los Angeles. Margarito is coming off a huge win against Miguel Cotto in July. Mosley is coming off a win against Ricardo Mayorga in Sept.

Mosley is always competitive and he'll give Margarito fits because of his chin, speed and big fight experience. There is a good chance that this will be Mosley last big fight and he'll be ready to go.

Margarito simply wears down fighters and I think he'll be able to do that against Mosley. Expect the fight to be tight early. But Margarito has power in both hands and he's usually better in the last half of fights.

Mosley wins some rounds early, but Margarito is too strong and wins by late KO to gain steam heading into summer rematch with Cotto, who fights in Feb. against Michael Jennings.

- Felix


IC said...

Does Cotto deserve a rematch? Margarito demolished him, I know the ranks are thin, that's why he's fighting Sugar Shane, but neither of these guys really show the skill to go toe to toe with Antonio. I would love to see Margarito fight Floyd Mayweather or even Pac Man. Maybe Sugar Shane should fight Cotto. That would probably be a better fight, but it wouldn't bring in any ppv dollars.

Felix said...

Cotto fared well for the first 6-7 rounds against Margarito. People will want to see the rematch, but I believe the result could be the same. I'd love Margarito/Mayweather as well, but with bad blood between Mayweather and Top Rank, Tony's promoter, who knows.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe that Miguel Cotto
vs. Michael Jennings is a PPV fight. I will watch Margarito vs. Mosely which in my mind is the better of the two fights, but I am thankful that it's on HBO. I dont think I would pay to see the Cotto vs. Jennings. Neither one of those guys is a Champ, how can they justify it being a PPV fight?

ike said...

this is not a good match for Tony. Shane is real durable and hard to hit. Tony has everything to lose but I will be rooting for him.

IC said...

Wow, that fight was amazing. I must admit that I have to eat my words. If I hadnt seen it myself, I wouldn't have believed it. Sugar looked like his old self.

somebody said...