Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Walter joins staff at Emporia State

Former New Mexico State strength and conditioning coach Matt Walter has landed a job at Emporia State in Emporia, Kan.

He will coach receivers, special teams and will also be the strength coach.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Coaching is a tough business.

Walter and his wife just had a baby in September and now thay have to pick up and move to new town and a new state.

How many of you think Mumme is sleeping well at night knowing his assistance and their families are trying to find a job?
$500K can buy a lot of things except, peace of mind.

Good luck to Matt and his loved ones!

Anonymous said...

That means only Walter, and Fanoga have been the only ones to find jobs, right?
Too bad but,that's coaching.

The thing that strikes me is that other than Fanoga, no D1 schools are really going after Dummes assistants.

I guess that's why we only won 6 FBS games during his tenure.

Hey Hal,
Congratulations on putting your assistants in the soup line. Way to take care of your people!

Anonymous said...

People who go into coaching know the risks. I know assistants don't make great money, but they still make a hell of alot more than the average Las Cruces person. Over the span of a career they do very well for themselves. I'm not having much sympathy for any of Mumme's staff right now.

Anonymous said...