Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joe Lee Dunn update

Former New Mexico State defensive coordinator Joe Lee Dunn said Wednesday night that he hopes to coach again in 2009, but nothing is definite. He is under contract until 2010.

He said he met with former coach Hal Mumme recently and he said Mumme is doing well and is also on the lookout for a new job.

Also, word is former linebackers coach Barris Grant might be headed for the Tampa Bay Bucs. He is a good friend of new coach Raheem Morris.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

JL Dunn got re-assigned in the athletic dept. So what are his duties?

Good to hear Coach Grant might be getting a new job.
I feel bad for JL Dunn, Grant, and Roberson. They came here for a year and Dumme let them down with his play calling and game management.

Dumme is looking for a job?!! Ha, ha, who wants to hire his attrocious play calling?!
Spend your $500K wisely or is it $250K (after taxes and attorney fees)?
You will be in the soup line for a while!

Anonymous said...

Mumme's looking for a job. He's done working in D1 schools thats for sure.

A HS job might be his only option.
He will probably have to schedule JV or freshmen teams in order to get some wins.

Oh and BTW, there better not be any Muslim kids on the team either!

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