Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dante Caro makes a good choice

Las Cruces High's Dante Caro made the right choice when he decided to attend the University of New Mexico on a football scholarship beginning next fall.

Nothing against DeWayne Walker and New Mexico State, but the Lobos have better overall support, better facilities and it can be argued the Lobos are in a better overall conference, the Mountain West.

Lobos coach Mike Locksley visited Caro in LC and got him to visit and apparently new offensive coordinator Darrell Dickey was high on Caro.

Hey, Caro is a playmaker, he is tough as nails and he's worth giving a scholarship to because of his football instincts. He follows in the footsteps of Nathan Enriquez, Freddy Young, Tyson Ditmore and Chris Hernandez as Las Cruces area football players who have signed with the rival Lobos.

Ditmore and Hernandez have been contributors to the program, while the verdict is still out on Young and Enriquez, who redshirted last year.

Walker and NMSU have to prove something to statewide players and it takes time, we'll see if Walker can eventually draw the state's best to Aggie Memorial Stadium.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Felix, Caro isn't even a true D-1 player. He runs a 4.9 40. There are going to be defensive linemen faster than him. NMSU is having a great recruiting class. NMSU actually got a committment from a kid similar to him, but is 6'2 190 but runs a 4.5. UNM can have Caro. NMSU recruiting class right now is way better than UNM's on paper.

Anonymous said...

Man, what a nice comment to leave about local kids. No wonder they all bolt to the Lobos where they appreciate talent like his. I am sure you never have seen him play or else you would quickly change your mind. Dante is a true athlete and can make many great plays no matter how quick he is (just ask any player who played against him and they will tell you.)

Anonymous said...

So Anon 7:17, Tells us how you'd feel about it if Caro would have decided to go with NMSU?

The greatest thing since sliced bread?

Do you really hate UNM so much that you want to run down an 18 year old kid because he made the choice he felt was right for him???

Be glad that many New Mexico kids are getting the opportunity to go on and play at the next level. UNM, NMSU, ENMU and NM Highlands are all picking up more and more local kids, and they all should be commended!
If NMSU wants the best kids from here or anywhere else, they need to start winning ballgames, then the local kids won't look at them as such a joke.
Be a man and congratulate Dante on his success.

IC said...

Good luck to Dante and congrats.

I have to weigh in on the issue of local recruiting. As I stated on the Hall post I don't get LC people complaining that we don't recruit local kids but when we do, they urge them to go elsewhere(as long as it's not unm.)

What we need to do is get in the mind of these young men. I remember back to my senior yr in high school, the first thing I wanted to do was leave home. One of the reason's I went to NMSU was because it was a chance for me to get out of my parents house and see things for myself. Even if Coach Walker turns it around and starts winning, keeping kids in town will be tough.

Rivals.com is reporting four 3 star recruits have committed, that's 1 shy of what we have had in the last 7 years combined. I think the future of NMSU football looks bright.

Anonymous said...

Well the biggest complaint is that the offers have not been there in the past. Well they are there this year. Can't get mad at anyone for choosing what they feel is best for them.....but it sure would be a boost for the program and community if one local kid could would come to NMSU and be a standout.

Anonymous said...

It all comes down to recruiting. UNM does a better job than NMSU. Look at James Hall Jr., great athlete and all NMSU wants to do is grayshirt him. It's no wonder why local kids go elsewhere. Congratulations to Dante and lets all support our local athletes regardless of where "they" choose to go.

Anonymous said...

our local reporters dont even support us now? im happy for caro and i congratulate him but i can assure you he will sit the bench for 3 years like ditmore did. just like young and enriquez probably will. and just like hernandez will as soon as unm gets someone better. the point im making here is that unm goes and gets the las cruces kids not because they are great athletes and can turn the program around but because they can and try to bury nmsu. these kids can probably come to nmsu and get some legit playing time instead they think its best to leave and go to unm which is a national powerhouse right? anyways if our local newspaper can support the aggies how can anyone else? come on felix get a clue

Anonymous said...

This is a 1 star kid out of New Mexico, no less, and everyone is making a big deal? C'mon.
Yes it would be nice to see a local kid play but, he's no Chris Williams!!

Dumme didn't want any local kids and the damage he did is still being felt.
At least Coach Walker is offering scholarships to local players. Once he gets the train moving, he will land those 4 stars and more local kids, I assure you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Dante, wish you all the best. It would have been nice to root on a local at Aggie Memorial. Everyone is definitely not a lobo! Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Felix, Bad Choice, get your crap together!

Felix said...

Bad choice? Really? I'm not saying UNM is a great program, but it's a lot better than NMSU's in a lot of ways. Rocky Long did a fair job in Albuquerque despite what a lot of people said about him. He worked hard, created a better program and won some games. Was he perfect? No. But the program is in better shape because of him and Dante probably felt that way about the program. UNM has a better chance of being successful year in and year out than NMSU unless things start to change.

Anonymous said...

Felix, why don't you get off your fat ass, and go to rivals.com and write an article on DeWayne recruiting class so far. DeWayne is a damn good recruiter, and right now our recruiting class is destroying UNM. Just because UNM got Caro doesn't make their recruiting class better, because Walker has been able to sign some good ones.

Anonymous said...

NMSU have got 5-3-star recruits. NMSU got a committment from a former lobo DT who trasnfered to a JUCO who had offers from San Jose State, Arizona, Louisville, Washington, and Washington State. NMSU also signed a JUCO DT who signed with Kansas State last year. NMSU signed Dewayne Barton who had an offer from San Jose STate, and is rated the 80th best JUCO player in America. Arvell Nelson who is 6'5 215 FS who signed with Iowa out of HS. Jeff Fleming has offers from Idaho, and Utah State. He was a three-star. Erick Fleming is a three-star corner who picked NMSU over Utah State. David Quiroga has been getting some late offers from teams like Nevada, and Idaho, but was said to tell them not to waste their time since he has 110% committed to NMSU. NMSU got a committment from a Texas RB/WR who is 6'2 205 and runs a 4.5 40. Wake up Felix. Do your damn job and write something on this really great recruiting class we have coming in instead of bashing NMSU, because some little reject player who will never start at UNM picked UNM over NMSU.

Anonymous said...

You guys having a little trouble with reality?
Bashing Dante, an 18 year old high school kid, because he made a choice to go to a school other than what you guys wanted him to?

It's nice that Walker is getting some nice looking recruits... will they pan out? will they have the grades? Some will be fine, some will never see the field just like every other year, but to call Dante a "little reject player" when NMSU had offered him as well is.... lets just say very juvenile to say the least.

Bashing Felix is your right, but in all reality, he's right on point on this one. Look at our record the last four years, and look at UNM's.
I'd rather have theirs for sure.

Anonymous said...

You have to agree, with the last post. Caro had no obligation to NMSU. If you were 18 and from LC, and wanted to get out on your own wouldn't UNM be an obivious choice?

Felix, there is a lot of anitcipation out there about the changes in the program. How do you feel our current recruiting class and coaching staff stacks up against UNM's? Is it smart to load up on JUCO talent? I guess Walker feels that we were lagging in talent?

Anonymous said...

We are not bashing Dante, we are simply stating the facts. It's going to be tough at UNM. Look at Enriquez and Young Jr (Mayfield). Both of them redshirted. They were not good enough to suit out as true freshman. So what if he is 18. He going to have to grow up real quick if he's going to make it in Albuquerque. There are alot of what ifs. Someone said what if the new Aggie recruits don't pan out or make grades. What if Dante doesn't pan out at UNM. There are many possibilities that could happen. I am a little dissapointed that Dante didn't choose the Aggies simply because it would have been nice to see a local boy be a part of possible change at NMSU. What If? Go Aggies!

vince snadoval said...

Callin Caro a little reject player is definitely bashing in my book! The only criteria I keep hearing about is his "lack" of speed. The Caro "package" more than makes up for this. He has been a leader on the LCHS football team since his sophomore year, playing out of position as quaterback, and leading the Dawgs to the title. There are qualities this kid has that doesn't show up on stat sheets, and anyone that knows anything about football can tell you some things you can't teach, you either have it or you don't. This is one of the main differernces between Young, Enriquez, Ditmore, and Caro. He believes he is the best player on the field even if he isn't. He is not always pretty, but he is damn effective. There rreally is no such thing as a sure bet when you choose a player for your program, the real test is the field itself and whether or not the kid can cut it. Keep up the good work Felix and call it like you see it. Don't let these anonymous posters curb your reporting. Dante will do just fine in Lobo land, and I wish him all the luck in school and on the field.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Felix, that this was a good choice.

And to the folks reporting on the 3 star this or 3 star that....to proclaim NMSU's recruiting class is better then whoever's at this point is ridiculous.

Every year we heard how great Hal Mumme's recruiting was and it never panned out. Who cares how many starts rivals or scout.com gives a kid. That's just based on propoganda....We'll know who had the better recruiting class in four or five years...not now.

I'm glad UNM believed in Caro and I hope he does well in ABQ. to have some nutball fans on here proclaiming it's no big loss cracks me up, as it sure has you all whipped up into a furor. That's amazing for a guy that supposedly NMSU doesn't need.

DANTE, good luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

Hal Mumme signed only 3-3-star in his 4 years at NMSU. DeWayne Walker has got 6 of them in this one class alone. NMSU just got another committment from a 3-star QB Tanner Rust. He picked NMSU over San Jose State, and San Diego State. Felix where are you to report this great recruiting class we are having.

Anonymous said...

I agree, who cares about the stars some recruiting service gives a player.

Walker may or may not be having a great recruiting year. We'll know in about 3 years how this group pans out.

In the meantime, good luck to Dante and all the local boys who wisely pick somewhere else to go until NMSU proves it can succeed a little at football.

Anonymous said...

If your so in love with Unm, why don't join Dante and up there?

Oh wait, you did that a couple years ago and it didn't work out for you, right?
Now your back and at the botton of the LC Sun totem poll.

National signing day is a week away and I'm excited in the kids Coach Walker is signing.
Felix, are you gonna cover our reruiting class or Unm's?
Remember this is Las Cruces and we don't care about Unm!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:46AM said "Remember this is Las Cruces and we don't care about Unm!"

Hullooooo!!! This IS Las Cruces and Dante plays for LAS CRUCES.

See a relationship?

Anybody in there?

Felix's blog name is Pugs, ponies and PREPS.
Let me help you....
Pugs = boxing (Felix covers that on here)
Ponies = horse racing (see above)
Preps = High School sports (Dante currently fits very neatly into this column).

Teddy's blog is more directed toward NMSU sports.
This is Las Cruces and you're bashing one of our own for makinfg a choice that is right for him... again I ask you, if he would've chosen NMSU, how would you feel about it.
My guess is that you'd be saying what a stud he is and what a success he'll be.

Anonymous said...

Felix, to give us all a better handle on how good Las Cruces area high school players are, why don't you do an article on which area players have left the state and become a big success in a Div I program? This will give us an idea how well they can compete against the best players across the country. I have the feeling that in general, there are not many success stories in big-time college football for Las Cruces area graduates.

Anonymous said...

Felix, Keep up the good work...and good discussion all around (except for some of the personal remarks by people) now answer a question for me...I understand that the signing deadline for a Midyear JC transfer for football was Jan. 15th...Did Fleming make that deadline and if so why is he not listed on the roster....?The espn recruiting site shows him giving a solid verbal on the 20th of january....

Anonymous said...

Here you go. NMSU 20 commitments. Walker said he will sign 23 meaning 5 of the 23 will grey-shirt.

OL Mike Yocius 6'4 295

WR Marcus Allen 5'11 185

OL Dewayne Barton 6'4 285

RB Robert Clay 5'10 183

RB Marquese Dunn 6'2 205

QB Jeff Fleming 6'4 195

DB Erick Hunter 5'11 160

DB Arvell Nelson 6'5 215

DB David Quiroga 6'1 205

QB Tanner Rust 6'3 190

DB Justin Smith 6'2 190

OL Jake Swenson 6'6 305

WR Joe Cordova 6'8 200

DT John Finau 6'1 295

DT Vincent Federico 6'4 290

OL Ruben Escarsega 6'4 295

WR William Bullock 6'3 200

DT DJuan Yates 6'2 280

TE Ronnie Torres 6'4 255

WR Reuben Thomas 5'11 175

Anonymous said...

The personal attacks on here are disgusting. The attacks directed at Caro are clearly people that need to seek immediate mental counseling. Jealousy is pushing you off the deep end. The attacks on Felix are ridiculous. Your rabid attacks on the messenger show how insane you people really are in the very personal nature of your name calling. Hiding behind anonymous postings is juvenile. Grow up, Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Who would be jealous for Caro going to UNM. I am being honest. Caro is not a d-1 player. He is a d-2 player. NMSU will get a visit from a 3-star JUCO CB this weekend. He has offers from Tulsa, Kansas State, West Virgina, Middle Tennesse, and another school. NMSU also might get a visit from a 3-star WR who has offers from San Jose State, and Hawaii. NMSU is kicking UNM's ass right now in recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you answer me Mr lobo fan. You said UNM is better school than NMSU, but why is NMSU getting a bunch of 3-star recruits, and guys who have several other d-1 offers, and UNM are getting a bunch of rejects who have no offers.

Anonymous said...

How many stars do you think Kurt Warner would have? He isn't very fast or doesn't have a cannon for an arm, but he has plenty of heart and smarts. GOOD luck Dante!

Anonymous said...

Frank (Anonymous 5:53 p.m.) as I'm sure that's you (he keeps spouting this stuff on the NMSU fan board), you keep repeating Caro isn't a D-1 player, but he just got a scholarship to a D1 school. That makes him a D1 player. Now you weren't a D1 player, so I would think you would know the difference. Get multiple scholarship offers, and go to D1 school, on scholarship to play football equals D1 player.

Anonymous said...

What don't you understand about BOTH SCHOOLS OFFERED DANTE!!!!!

I'll break it down for you right here....
NMSU thought he was worthy of a full ride athletic scholarship, and UNM thought he was worthy of a full ride athletic scholarship.

Get it? NMSU had offered him the same as UNM.

I just don't get some of you people, hating on the local kids who didn't make the choice YOU thought they should make.

Anonymous said...

I concur.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Dante for an outstanding high school career. His athleticism and hard work has paid off.

As for Felix, his trite writing, overuse of cliches, and inability to completely research and report a story...you're a toad!

Anonymous said...

How pathetic! Do you people realize you're talking about an 18-year-old high school kid from your own town?! We should be supporting all our local athletes regardless of where they attended high school or where they choose to go to college. It's their life - their decision. Being offered a scholarship at any level is a huge honor, which most of you out there will never know. I'm sorry that some of you are so dissatisfied with your own lives that you feel it necessary to bash a kid in order to make yourselves feel better. Congratulations, Dante! We’re sure you’ll be a success on or OFF the field!

Lobo fan 22 said...

I suggest for those of you who think the lobos signed a bunch of push overs, visit golobos.cstv and watch the 2009 signees video. Every signee has obvious talent including Dante and will soon be contributors to the Lobo football family.

Anonymous said...