Saturday, January 17, 2009

DeWayne Walker coaching staff

First year New Mexico State football coach DeWayne Walker has put together a strong staff for the 2009 year.

Former NFL coaches Keith Murphy and Dale Lindsey bring plenty of experience and knowledge. Jason Lenzmeier was a solid offensive lineman in college. Timm Rosenbach had plenty of success in college as a player and played in the NFL. And R. Todd Littlejohn has experience on good teams on the college level.

Walker seems to have put together a staff that has a varied range of experience and that should help in transitioning between the previous staff and the current one. Plus, having some good name coaches will certainly help in recruiting.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

I like the new staff and yes, the names and their resumes should help with recruiting.

What a difference from the previous staff where, only Wilson had some type of D1 or NFL experience.
The rest of the previous staff were a bunch of high school wannabee coaches.

Now how fast can they turn this thing around?

Anonymous said...

We are in such a better place than we were 2 months ago!!!

Anonymous said...