Monday, October 13, 2008

Aggies and San Jose State

Saturday night's NMSU vs. San Jose State matchup is an interesting one early in the WAC schedule.

The Aggies are coming off a 48-45 win at Nevada and are hitting their stride on offense. Quarterback Chase Holbrook and the Aggie receivers have developed good chemistry.

New Mexico State's running attack is getting better with junior Marquell Colston leading the way. Colston is consistent and is also a threat as a receiver.

The Aggies offensive line is doing a good job up front, but center Richie Bolin is out for the game against San Jose State. That's a big loss, but freshman Mike Grady is a solid player and can handle the load.

San Jose State will pressure NMSU up front and it has a good secondary as well. The Aggies are going to have to take care of the ball and just be patient on offense and see if things open up.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

The key to the SJSU game is the Aggies' DEFENSE. Their defense will slow the Aggies attack, but I don't think they can shut us down. So, it is up to the Aggie DEFENSE to handle the SJSU offense. Their offense doesn't offer overpowering running, nor do they have an overwhelming passing attack. They are reasonably balanced, but rely on their defense to keep them in games. If our offense can put their defense on their heels, we can win convincingly.

If our fans are in the stands and vocal, the job is that much easier for the team. It's a chance to geet a winning streak going. How about that, Aggie Fans? Be a part of the experience. Three in a row, and then Idaho! That should be a chance for the Aggies to step up on the road again.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Bolin? What was the injury and what is his status looking down the schedule?

Anonymous said...

The Defense will need to slow Yonus Young. He had a big game against us two years ago.

I think offensively we will be allright.
The big question is coaching. Dick Tomey has flat out schooled Mumme the past three years.

I saw we will have around 20k fans this weekend.

Felix said...

Bolin is out for the weekend, perhaps longer.


Anonymous said...

I heard that a little over 20k tickets have been sold and it's only Tuesday!

Not bad Aggie fans, now buy some more!

Anonymous said...