Thursday, October 23, 2008

Julio Cesar Chavez documentary

I just finished watching a 75-minute documentary on former Mexican world boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez, easily the country's greatest and most popular boxer.

The documentary by Diego Luna is an interesting tale of the former boxer's rise to stardom and through his final fight. The documentary had comments from promoters Don King and Bob Arum, fight manager Fernando Beltran, Chavez' mother and son J.C. Chavez Jr. and others.

For the fight fan, you get to know Chavez much better and get to understand more what he is about. Chavez won 108 of 116 bouts, fought in 37 world title fights and beat some of the best in the game, for example Jose Luis Ramirez, Hector Camacho, Edwin Rosario, Rocky Lockridge and Roger Mayweather.

Chavez' career was unique in so many ways and he grew in stature not only in Mexico but among Mexican-Americans as his career progressed. He was a hero to many in the sport and as a latino athlete.

While the documentary is just 75 minutes, this film titled J.C. Chavez is worth the investment in money and in time. There is also rare footage of him behind the scenes and of him and his family.

Chavez' two sons J.C. Chavez Jr. and Omar Chavez are both professinoal fighters. If you are a boxing fan and/or a follower of important latino figures, this documentary is a must see.

- Felix