Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hopkins is well, very good

Wow, what a showing by 43-year-old Bernard Hopkins on Saturday night against Kelly Pavlik in their light heavyweight battle. Hopkins dominated the previously unbeaten Pavlik and routinely beat him to the punch in winning an unanimous decision.

Despite his old age for boxing, Hopkins has defeated Pavlik, Winky Wright and Antonio Tarver in recent years and gave unbeaten Joe Calzaghe all he could handle. Hopkins is 49-5-1 in his solid career and I believe he should be a Hall of Famer. Hopkins has his critics for his way of fighting, which is rugged and defensive, but he's been so consistent in his career.

He says he wants one more fight and that could happen against Roy Jones, who fights Calzaghe next month.

As for Pavlik, he is still one of the top middleweights, if not the best and he should go back to 160 where there are enough big fights awaiting him. Pavlik is still marketable and he has plenty of big years ahead of him.

— Felix