Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Mexico has big weekend ahead

What an interesting weekend it will be for the two New Mexico Division I football programs. On Saturday, No. 10 Utah is at New Mexico and No. 11 Boise State is at New Mexico State.

Utah and Boise State are two teams in prime posistion to be BCS busters this year, which means both UNM and NMSU have the chance to ruin the plans of Utah and New Mexico State.

It be nice to see teams like Utah and Boise State do some great things on the national scene. Utah and Boise State are both very good teams in all phases of the game.

Boise State has a favorable schedule the rest of way. After Saturday's game at NMSU, It takes on Nevada on the road and Fresno State at home.

Utah still has two very difficult games after Saturday against TCU and BYU, but both are at home.

New Mexico will probably give Utah fits at home because its defense has been playing really well of late, but offensively the Lobos are a mess waiting to happen on most possessions.

New Mexico State is so banged up on offense that its going to have a hard time scoring against a very good Boise State Broncos team. But the Aggies defense has been playing well and could keep the Aggies in Saturday's game.

Right now, I expect Utah and Boise State to leave New Mexico with wins and keep their BCS hopes alive.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, UNM, isn't that where the downward spiral began?

I don't know much about the hobos but, Utah shouls castrate thee pretty easy.

Boise?? They are going to just beat the living, you know what, out of us!!

Every year it's the same old thing. Listen to Mumme hype his Air Pellet Gun offense and then make excuses to end the pathetic season.

I'll show up to support the team but, I'm going to Booo Mumme all game long!!

Can we get a "Mumme sucks" chant this weekend?!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in for the "Mumme sucks" chant!!

Hey, it's almost BB season how about if we yell "nice shot a-hole" to Mumme?
He shoot's us every time with his atrocious play calling, right?

Anonymous said...

I think Felix has this one right one the money. People say that they would rather us lose to Boise, not go to a bowl and share the money that Boise gets if they go to the BCS. Honestly, I would rather beat Boise even if we dont go to a bowl. This season was just sad and a win against Boise would do the program good. Very unlikely of course but if we actually show good offense and the defense keeps playing good we might give them a game. Im just worried about how bad attendance will get after this game but we always jack up the numbers anyway so we should be good.


Anonymous said...

A win is not going to happen.
If you can't beat a pathetic Idaho, how can you beat the #11 team in the country!!

Even if we by some miracle we were able to beat Boise.
It means it's the "win" the program needs and we get to keep Mumme!!

NMSU fans deserve better than a wannabe coach!!

ic said...

"which means both UNM and NMSU have the chance to ruin the plans of Utah and New Mexico State."

Felix, I couldn't agree with you more, NMSU will ruin the plans of New Mexico State. HAHA but all kidding aside, as I said on Teddy's blog and anon 4:09 restated a win will increase the chance that Mumme is allowed to stay. Is that what we really want? KVIA did a great spoof story on how aloof he is. Never giving answers, always playing with his hair, never taking responsability for the team.

Even if BSU gets shut out of the BCS a victory over a top 15 gives Dr. Boston all the reason to keep his boy. Especially with no president to force his hand in the decision.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:09

I never said that we would beat Boise. I was referring to the fact that most people in Teddys blog preferred to lose and get money from the BCS bowl game than for us to beat them and not go to a bowl. I dont believe that we can beat Boise but I would rather us beat them than lose. I think that a win over the #11 team in the country is much more important for the program than Mumme is at this point in time. I do hope he gets fired because he had four years to implement his system and so far he has been unable to take us to a bowl with a team that is capable of going to one. However, the season is not over yet and if by some miracle the team manages to pull of a bowl bid, will you still call for Mummes head?


Anonymous said...

This is anon. 4:09 but, please, call me Judas.

If for some very remote reason we get to win 3 of the last 5 games, and the NM Bowl comes calling: Yes, I think Mumme should stay.
I mean heck, no other coach in 48 years has taken us to a bowl game, right?

Ok, let's stop dreaming.
We will be 3-5 after the Boise game.
That means we have to win 3 of the last 4 games...sorry dude, time to un-pack your bags and get ready for another, long cold winter.

Fire Mumme!!

Anonymous said...

Judas, again I never said we would go bowling or beat Boise. Both are longshots and I dont think either will happen but its just interesting to speculate since its all we have left now. However, people are calling for Mummes head now. Would a loss to Boise get rid of Mumme now or would you rather wait for the end of the season to happen? What about putting in McDermott in as QB since he will be the probable starter for the next two years?

IC said...

I think they could/should fire mumme during the season.

That said I dont think McDermott should start, let the seniors play. Unless they start to tank it, or say something to the effect that they'd rather not play. These guys have given us everything they can. I dont blame the players, I blame the staff for not getting them ready. Many times Coach has said he's been outcoached. We've heard it for 4 years against UNM, and pretty much every weekend with the exception of a few games.

Anonymous said...

This is what Judas would do:
First of all, it's not kids fault. They are busting there tails but, Mumme is not putting them in a position to be succesfull.

First of, fire Mumme this weekend and put JL Dunn on an interim basis.
JL doesn't have the kids to play his defense but, they are really sold on him and are playing with a lot of heart.
Maybe he can get the offense and special teams inspired and maybe get things turned around!

The season is shot and the only way to salvage it is to win 3 of 4 games and it's NOT going to happen under Mumme's watch!

Give JL the opportunity to audition for the job. I mean what do we have to lose, right?


Anonymous said...

It's going to be embarrassing on Saturday.
Boise will run it up. Big weekend, more like embarrassing weekend.

Anonymous said...

HALLOWEEN FORECAST- Boise State series 0-8; Hawaii 0-4;Fresno State 0-14(they own us);La Tech 4-3 series;and Utah State 6-26 all time.SCARY,ISN'T IT?

Anonymous said...

Ok Judas, this is what Ganja Boy would do:

First, We get Mumme a chastity belt so he can wear the rest of his. So he can't screw us any more!

Second, His Air Diarhea offense is not working and we Fire him after Saturday's game.

Third, Get JL Dunn to run the team the rest of the season and get the entire team involved in his workouts not, just the defense.

Fourth, For some reason Im pretty hungry and need to head over to Burger Time get something greasy. I feel an angina coming on!

Ganja Boy

MajubaWolf said...

Nevada fan here- hey I wish you guys luck against Boise! You played really well against us and deserved to win. I don't know why you don't play that way every weekend though. Too bad Colston is out, he looked good. Boise IS beatable, just like one of your linemen said- they are overrated and not #11, gimme a break. But the Boise paper (as usual) was all whining about what your players said and how "dare they" claim they were beatable and whatnot. Boise is Nevada's #1 enemy (other than UNLV) so I will always pull for anyone they play against. If not you, then we will need to spoil their party in Reno later on. Coach Ault is in a similar position as Mumme- win out or be gone!

Anonymous said...