Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Future NMSU football schedule

I talked to New Mexico State AD McKinley Boston on Tuesday. He said the Aggie football program may play a 13th game in 2009. The Aggies are at Hawaii so they get an extra game. They are scheduled to play non-conference games at San Diego State New Mexico and Ohio State and a home game with UTEP.

Also, it appears NMSU will play at Georgia in 2010. Nothing confirmed yet, but it appears that will be the team's money game.



Anonymous said...

I think we need that 13th game. Even if it's one of the directional New Mexico schools.

We are losing a lot of talented seniors and JJ McDermott will need that extra game and reps with a new crop of receivers.

Hopefully the WAC will work with us, schedule wise.
It's way too early to wrry about it.

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Anonymous said...

The aggies are going to be bowl elgible this year. Just check out to get the real scoop.

Anonymous said...

The Aggies chance of being bowl eligible is guite a bit better than their chance of getting to a bowl game.

6 and 6 is bowl eligible, but 7 and 5 get a bowl game. 6 and 6 teams can only get a bid if two things happen.

1. Their conference has a tie in with the bowl, and
2. there is no other conference team available with a better (winning) record.

So, the only way to get in with a 6 and 6 record is if there aren't at least three WAC teams with a winnig record or enough WAC teams get picked for non tie in bowls (e.g., BCS game or to replace a BCS team in another bowl) that there aren't at least three left with a winning record.

Speculation is that the New Mexico Bowl would take the Aggies if they can, so we should win "ties" there.

Anonymous said...

I think the 13th game is a big plus for the Aggies, as long as they can play the first week and have a bye week 4 to 8 weeks into the season.

If it is an FCS school and they win, it helps have a winning record at 7 and 6 and makes them not only bowl eligible, but avoids the "no conference team with a winning record" hurdle mentioned in the post above. For a middle of the pack team, that can be huge.

I'd really like to see the game be with a FBS team, MWC, MAC, or Sun Belt probably. A home and home possibility is there. Could go home and home in 2009 and 2011 pretty easily.

I'm thinking that Georgia had better be putting up big bucks to make it worth risking injury and a psychological beat down.

Finally, whether teh Aggies win at Nevada or not, it really is important to have a good turn out for SJSU. Not only does it help teh team, the Aggies' FBS status is at risk.

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