Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aggies lose tough one to Idaho

After falling to Idaho 20-14 on Saturday in Moscow, Idaho, the New Mexico State Aggies are under the gun more than ever in Hal Mumme's fourth year.

At 3-2 two weeks ago after a win at Nevada, the Aggies looked to be in good shape. But now the team is 3-4 overall and 1-2 in league play.

Injuries have been a burden, but lack of execution at key moments the last two weeks have been very disappointing. The Aggies should have beaten a poor Idaho team on Saturday. The Vandals were giving up loads of points and yards before Saturday's game, but the Aggies made Idaho look respectable.

Idaho deserves credit for the win because it made the key plays and played hard, but NMSU was just terrible in critical junctures of the game.

The Aggies defense is playing better and special teams came up with a fumble return. Unless NMSU can figure things out on offense, this season could be lost pretty quick.

I really thought NMSU had turned the corner after a win at Nevada, but the team has taken a step or two backward after a loss to Idaho.

Can the Aggies save the 2008 and finish respectably?

- Felix


Anonymous said...

I agree, the program has taken a serious step backwards and Mumme must go!!

We are season ticket holders and me and my family refuse to attend another home game as long as Mumme is still the coach!!

If you can't win, winnable games, how do you expect beat Boise St.? or how do you expect to keep fans in the stands?

Attendance will take a nose dive after this game and will keep the athletic budget in the red!

Anonymous said...

Well maybe we can keep Mumme at NMSU to Handle the Tough to Wear Pink program that seems to be only thing Mumme has done good since he has been at NMSU.

Anonymous said...

Staying away doesn't help the team. It is hard to figure out why they lost to Idaho. Idaho did play maybe their best game of the year, but mistakes cost NMSU the game. Eliminate the mistakes, and it is a different story.

Chances for a bowl game look very slim right now. We'll need to pulloff a couple of upsets to have a chance.

After years of bemoaning the defense, the offense is one of the big reasons the Aggies are not doing well this season. That and the special teams. We can't even get a kickoff to the endzone. And did you see that wounded duck of a field goal attempt Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Air Raid. Is that what they call this offese? 3 and 4 yard passes are hardly an air raid. More like a pellet gun raid. Even that can't beat Idaho, probably the worst team in the country. Oh wait, we just lost to them. What does that make us?

Anonymous said...

Teams are a reflection of their leadership. The Aggies are soft and are happy with mediocrity. Mumme should go. Try Joe Lee Dunn as the next coach. He brings a sense of discipline, work ethic, and toughness that the Aggies need. Remember when Fresno St. first brought in Pat Cook. He was losing games but was losing to big time programs and wasnt afraid to play anybody. His teams are and have always been very physical and very confident. Now, none of those big time programs want to play thme anymore!

ic said...

Mumme has to go! Last year he got an extension, which was mind blowing, but they said it was for the good of the team in the long run, helping with recruits, etc.

How is a continued losing program going to help recruiting? There is no excuse for Dr. Boston and Co. to keep Mumme. If he wont get rid of him then maybe the admin. needs to look into getting rid of Dr. Boston.

Injuries are not an excuse. We still had a majority of our starters. In what should have been a blowout victory of a team giving up nearly 500 yards and 47 points per game, we got 14. 14 points for a team that has been one of the top offensive teams in the nation the last few years is unacceptable. Yet they somehow managed to pull that off two weeks in a row. I for one am with anon 3:24, I think I'll hold off on season tix for football if Mumme is a round next year, and buy some womens volleyball/basketball tickets instead.

Anonymous said...

"Staying at home doesn't help the team."
That's true but, the fans have showed up and the team is 1-2, 1-3 after this week.
Heck, NMSU is averaging almost 21K fans thats 1,000 off the 2002 record!

I feel bad for the players but, Mumme's go to go.
The players, and fans are showing up but, the head coach is riding around on a golf cart!

Fire him and give JL Dunn a shot at salvaging the season, or watch the attendance stay home!

Anonymous said...

All this Bowl talk the last two year is a bunch of bologna!
Mumme says this so people can get excited and buy tickets.

The only bowl we are going to is the same one Mumme has taken us since he's been here:
The WAC Toilet Bowl!!

If we can't beat a crappy Idaho, I hate to think what Boise is going to do to us!!
Somebody call 911!!!!

Anonymous said...

Next up, Boise State.

There aren't many who give the Aggies a chance. Do we have one? There always is a chance, but it looks very slim.

The thing is to play well, come out with fire, and maintain that throughout the game. A good performance is what I want to see, and if it leads to a W, all the better. It almost seems that the Aggies play better when they are against a better foe. They haven't done as well against the weaker opponents. Boise certainly gives them a shot at a better opponent.

kevanlee said...

Hi, Felix

I run a Boise State blog and was wondering if you'd be interested in answering some questions for us about NMSU this week. Is there a way I can contact you? Thanks.

Kevan & OBNUG

Anonymous said...

Someone had quoted earlier that,on paper,the Aggies should have walked away with a win against Idaho. What are the chances that someone in Moscow found this before the game and posted it somewhere like the Vandals' locker room? That's why college footbal games aren't "played" on paper!! At this point in the season,teams like Idaho have NOTHING to lose-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

It's not a surprise the Aggies dropped an easy one. The UNM game gave us a taste of things to come. I agree Felix, just when we thought the team had turned the corner BAM they fall flat again. I honestly don't see this get any better.

Anonymous said...

Q. Want to save attendance for the rest of the season?

A. Fire Mumme after Boise pummels us and put JL Dunn as interim coach!

Mumme sucks!
No wonder the Sporting News picked him the "most over rated college FB coach."

Rick said...

I'm a BSU fan and just read an article in the Idaho Statesman. Your sr. offensive lineman Gutierrez is an idiot. He said basically said that NMSU was going to push Boise around. I'm sorry, that points to poor coaching and from reading your posts on here I think you agree. Good luck on the rest of the season but I think you will lose by 40 or so on Saturday and you can thank Gutierrez for giving the Broncos the motivation to match their talent.

Rick said...

if you want to reach me you can at

Anonymous said...

This is actually what he said (From the Idaho Statesmen):

New Mexico State offensive lineman Polo Gutierrez added a little spice to Saturday’s game in Las Cruces with these comments during Monday’s teleconference with the media (click the links for audio):

-- On the No. 11 Broncos: “They’re not unbeatable. I said the exact same thing two years ago and we gave them a game. We showed them that we’re not scared and we’re not going to back down.”

-- On Boise State’s 40-28 win in 2006 in Las Cruces: “We had some really bad calls by the officials that we couldn’t deal with.”

-- On freshman center Michael Grady: “I think he’s going to have a blowout game against Boise. … He blocked (Nebraska). He blocked the best of the best. … If he can block them, I’m pretty sure he can block anybody in the nation, especially anybody in the WAC.”

-- On star wideout Chris Williams: “Boise’s DB’s, even though they think they’re good, I’m pretty sure he’s going to prove to them exactly why he’s an All-American.”

Anonymous said...

Remember last year's game? Coach Mumme surrendered on national TV-you have to wonder if he'll do the same in front of a home crowd...?

Anonymous said...