Thursday, October 23, 2008

How will Aggies do vs. Idaho?

My prediction for the NMSU/Idaho football game is 35-21 Aggies.
Here are key reasons why.

Even with some injuries that could hamper the Aggies offense, the Idaho defnense is abysmal. The Vandals don't seem to get much pressure on the QB and they have given up nearly 47 points a game and more than 500 yards of offense.

NMSU's defense is getting better and if it can play with some consistency, it can slow Idaho down just enough.

The Aggies are also better on the road this winning having won 2 of 3, which means they are comfortable on the road and handle travel well.

But if the Aggies are caught sleeping and don't come out with enough intensity, watch out for an upset.

What are your thoughts on the game?



Anonymous said...

Well, for my part, I'm hoping that the Aggies blow out the Vandals. It's not that I have anything against the Vandals, and I even have friends that went to school and taught there. But, I just think that their team is too far away from their glory days.

I'll go to the game. I'll put it on the line that the Aggies will win by twenty. Idaho has a weak defense and an offense that has yet to get untracked. Their biggest threat to the Aggies is that the QB can get away and make some yards. So, if the Ags can contain him, I don't think the Vandals have much of a chance.

We will see just how motivated the Aggies are. This is a good chance for tehm to dominate a team at least as much as they did Alcorn State.

Anonymous said...

Last week was pretty boring, due to the offense being whipped by the San Jose defense. But I have to admit, it was good to see NMSU play pretty good defense. Dunn seems like he's a great coach.

But when the injuries have hit NMSU in the past, that's when things really start to spiral downhill fast. Never been a deep team even in seasons when they are better then they are this year. Not sure Idaho has enough to beat NMSU even with injuries but not sure how bad the drop off will be.

Anonymous said...

I got a bad feeling that the game isn't going to go our way.
I hope I'm wrong but, it just feels weird.

AAD said...

Hey Felix, thanks for keeping the posts coming on Aggie sports. We just don't get much information in the newspapers on the Ags up here in Santa Fe.

I think the Aggies are going to do all right up in Idaho. I am looking forward to watching the game on Aggie Vision.

Pedro Pistolas said...

Aggies need to go and lay the smack down on the Vandals. Nothing against Idaho, but the Aggies are a better team and they need to take care of business. Injuries might have an impact on the Aggies' ability to score, but this should give the backup WRs and RBs some time to show what they can do.

Aad, I hate to break it to you, but this game will not be on AggieVision. But you might catch it on Altitude or ESPN GamePlan.

Anonymous said...