Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aggies vs. San Jose analysis

The New Mexico State Aggies dropped a 31-14 decision to San Jose State on Saturday at Aggie Memorial Stadium. The Aggies are now 3-3 overall and 1-1 in WAC play. SJSU is 5-2 and 3-0.

First of all, San Jose State is very good defensively. Up front Carl Ihenacho and Jarron Gilbert are NFL type players. Both are quick to the quartback and are strong as bulls. They won the battle up front against the Aggies and that was the biggest difference.

NMSU didn't have time to run long routes because quarterback Chase Holbrook simply didn't have the time. San Jose State is the best defense the Aggies have faced this season and might be the best it faces all year.

The Aggies defense had a good game. Linebacker Jamar Cotton is solid and he had his third striaght good game. Justen Alford came in and did some good things on the defensive line and the defensive line played better as a whole on Saturday night. The Aggies gave up just 201 yards of total offense.

But turnovers and special teams were huge. Three NMSU turnovers led to 17 points and two big returns on kicks set up other scores for the Spartans.

San Jose State is for real folks and next up is Boise State for the Spartans. Don't be shocked to see the Spartans scare BSU or even pull the upset.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

The Aggie offense was DOMINATED. The defense played well. I thought special teams was weak except for the fake punt which worked well of course. Tomey is doing a good job at SJSU. The better team won.

Anonymous said...

The defense played well but Chase and Co. put them tough situations all night long.

Fortunately, SJSU offense isn't very good or, it could have gotten REALLY ugly!

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing. The Aggie offense never got untracked - unless you count the passes to the SJSU defenders. We should do beter than that.

The defense played credibly. If the offense had matched the defense, the game would have gone the other way. No use crying over spilled milk.

Let's get the victory on the road against Idaho this Saturday, then come back home and play a good game against the Broncos. We need to have a good crowd here for homecoming. And, let's hear some noise to encourage the Aggies. They do play better when the fans are behind them.

Anonymous said...

Why can't this team win at home?

Yes, they are 2-1 on the road but, the fans want to celebrate inside Aggie Memorial against UNM and SJSU.
The only celebration has been against DII power house, Alcorn St. LOL!!

Things don't get easier as Boise St. is our next home opponent!

So has the season been a dissapointment, success, on track, etc.?

Anonymous said...

When the season is over, tehre should be at least one and quite possibly two more home wins - Louisiana Tech and Hawaii. Both are good enough that the games are not gimmes. Having Aggie fans in the stands can make a difference.

Will the season be a success? Here's my take: If we get to a bowl game and win it, the season will be a success, regardless of what happens in any specific game until then.

I do not believe that a 6 and 6 record will get a bowl invitation, so we need four more wins.

Anonymous said...