Monday, March 9, 2009

David Rodriguez and fight in Mexico

Saturday night in Torreon, Mexico, El Paso heavyweight David Rodriguez takes a step up when he takes on Argentina's Manuel Pucheta. Rodriguez is 30-0 with 28 knockouts, while Pucheta is 23-3 with 17 knockouts and has won 7 of his last 10.

Rodriguez, who trains in Las Cruces, is the taller and bigger boxer and he'll have to use jab to try and outwork the veteran Pucheta.

Rodriguez has to win this fight and do it impressively. Rodriguez has no more excuses for fighting less than stellar competition. He has a good set of skills and he's trained hard for this fight, but if he doesn't look impressive it won't matter.

A good showing by Rodriguez could land him a bigger fight later this year and put him a good spot to earn a big paycheck and a shot at breaking into the national spotlight.

- Felix