Monday, March 2, 2009

Juan Manuel Marquez' performance

Wow, what a performance by lightweight Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night against the tough Juan Diaz. The younger Diaz put lots of pressure on Marquez early on and appeared to be on his way to earning a close decision.

But the 35-year-old Marquez proved that he has good power once again at 135 and knocked out Diaz in the 9th, his second knockout at that weight. He stopped Joel Casamayor last September.

Marquez is one of the sport's best fighters and seems to be getting better with age. Some of his best performances have come in the past three years. He hung tough against Diaz on Saturday and didn't wilt like so many others have against the Baby Bull's pressure.

Diaz didn't fight badly, he just got caught against a good fighter in what will surely be a Fight of the Year candidate.

Hopefully Marquez will get another big fight, perhaps against Joan Guzman or heck I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch with Diaz.

With his win on Saturday, now fans of Mexican fighters should put Marquez up there with the greats. He's certainly become a hero in native country and should be treated as such.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome fight. It'll be tough for another fight to top this one as fight of the year.
Hopefully Marquez can take on the winner of the Hatton-Paquiao fight.
He deserves a big money fight after fighting in virtual anonymity for so many years.

Anonymous said...

I didnt think at his age he would be able to maintain the number pf punches they were delivering. Diaz imposed his style and I thought it would lead to a diaz win, but then Marquez shots took their toll on Diaz. Slowly and methodically which has always been the Marquez way, began to dominate the middle rounds. Amazing, I hope he gets his choice in Mayweather, but I would also like to see a 3rd Pacquiao fight.

Anonymous said...