Saturday, March 7, 2009

Austin Trout update

Las Cruces junior middleweight Austin Trout looked sharp on Saturday afternoon as he nears his biggest fight of his career next Saturday against Marco Avendano in Torreon, Mexico.

Trout (16-0) and Avendano (27-6) are scheduled to fight 12 rounds in a big bout for both fighters. Trout is looking to make a name for himself in the talented 154-pound division, while the battle-tested Avendano needs this fight to stay in the mix for a title fight.

Trout sparred several rounds with El Paso junior middleweight Abie Han on Saturday and the two have helped each other get ready for their respective fights. Han is also slated to fight in Mexico next weekend.

Trout showed good defensive reflexes in sparring and that could be the difference against the strong-punching Avendano.

Trout winds down training in Las Cruces on Sunday before heading to Mexico tomorrow night.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Han beats Austin 9 out of 10 times easy. I can't wait until Han is unleashed then the region can see another real champion, like Antonio Escalante. Not these Burke guys with 55-0 records beating the pushovers. Austin is a great fighter with no good management, he's being babied until now. I hope the rest of his fights are against guys with winning records like this one.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say I agree about Austin's management but I agree. He's too good of a fighter to be fighting in club fights in Mexico in a fight that will be seen by no one. His career really is not progressing as well as it should be. He's not fighting enough and when he does fight he's doing so in small cards that aren't being televised. There's not a lot of big names at 154 pounds right now and there's no reason he can't be making more of a name for himself than he has been.

Anonymous said...