Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trout update

Sadly, Austin Trout's fight with Marco Avendano won't happen. Instead Trout faces Martin Avila, who has gone 24 rounds in two fights with veteran Saul Duran and holds a record of 9-4,. Trout (16-0) hopes to get Avendano in May in El Paso. Apparently Avendano pulled out with a contract dispute.

- Felix


Aggie007 said...

How bout some updates on Team USA boxer Siju Shabazz? Apparently, he just got back from a training fight in Ireland with Team USA, yet we don't hear anything on his career? Is it because he's not pro?

Anonymous said...

That's a huge bummer. I was really hoping this fight would happen for Trout.

Anonymous said...