Friday, March 27, 2009

Neiman not on roster

Wide receiver Wes Neiman wasn't listed on the NMSU roster for the upcoming spring. He missed the final few games last year with an injury. He was one of the top receivers the past two years.

Also, defensive lineman David Niumatalolo is listed on the roster. He was a mormon mission.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

Why was Wes left off? Is there any insight into this? Is he off the team, or are they giving him time off to heal from the injuries? Did he reinjure himself, seems to me that 4 months with no contact would be enough time to heal unless he had a broken bone of some sort.

Anonymous said...

i was not just any injury it was a spinal injury, i have close contact with players that he is not planning to play his senior season sue to this injury

Anonymous said...

Too bad about Wes. I really thought he could help us this year. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors!

David Niamatalolo coming back is HUGE. This kid was starting in the D-line as a true freshman!!

What about the other two kids that were on Mormon missions, Heiuli and Adolpho? Are they coming back?

Anonymous said...