Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Winky Wright vs. Paul Williams

On April 11, an interesting 12-round fight will take place between Winky Wright (51-4-1) and Paul Williams (36-1). The veteran Wright is the underdog in this fight, but he's been one of the top fighters at 154 for many years. He's a tough left-handed defensive fighter and if he's go his 'A' game on, he'll give Williams a challenge.

Meanwhile, Williams is one of the sport's top fighters, but he's been avoided by many of the sport's top stars. He's got power and throws a great deal of punches in addition to a great reach advantage.

A win by Wright puts him back in the national landscape and if Williams wins, he gains more respect and hopefully a shot at another big fight.

My guess is that Williams' reach will be too much and his punch output will be a positive. Williams by decision, 116-112. The fight is slated to be shown on HBO.

- Felix