Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Early internal NMSU candidates

Athletics director McKinley Boston said Tuesday morning that he expects NMSU defensive coordinator Joe Lee Dunn and running backs coach/recruiting coordinator Earnest Wilson to apply for the head coaching job.

Hal Mumme was fired on Tuesday after four years and just 11 wins as the program's head coach.

- Felix


Aggie007 said...

No to JLD, yes to Ernest Wilson. JLD would just be another retread like Mumme ... Coach Wilson is a genuinely nice guy, but can turn on the heat in a second ... he's charismatic, smart and players respect him greatly. I hope that he gets a fair chance.

Anonymous said...

The running backs coach? Really? The same guy that recruited and inspired the -37 yards rushing effort in the loss to Utah State. Come on guys, get serious.

Anonymous said...