Sunday, December 21, 2008

Note on coaching search for NMSU

A source told me Sunday night that UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker has emerged as the front runner for the NMSU head football job after a weekend of interviews.

But apparently NMSU has scheduled two more interviews for Tuesday with two unknown candidates according to the source, who did not know the names of the two coaches, only that they are from two schools preparing for bowl games.

Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

Although no one has ever said they would take the fans choice into consideration, Walker is clearly the fan favorite as well. At least on the poll on the website.

Walker is more than double the next closest is "Other" followed by Mike Schultz

owlfinder said...

Walker is from UCLA, that has more of a glamourous tradition behind it. The more that people know about Schultz from TCU, the more he would be great pick for us!

IC said...

Wonder if tonight's Poinsettia Bowl victory over Boise will have any sort of impact over the decision. I was very impressed with TCU's offense.

Anonymous said...

I have learned that both Walker, Schultz, and one more guy are finalists. My sources tell me that the third was by far the most impressive guy they interviewed last weekend. I was told he was an OC in PAC-10 and put up huge numbers! I was not given his name but was told he is not as high profile as others but would be a better choice for Aggies. I was told if Boston goes for the NAME he will go with Walker or Schultz. But if he goes with the best guy, he picks this other guy.


somebody said...