Thursday, December 11, 2008

Updates, Caro, James Hall Jr.

It appears that Las Cruces High quarterback Dante Caro and LCHS running James Hall Jr. could be getting some attention from Wyoming.

The Cowboys just hired former NMSU defensive line coach Mike Fanoga as its outside linebackers coach.

Caro received an offer from NMSU, while Hall has offers from NMSU, Air Force and Army.

Las Cruces Cruces High was ranked in a tie at No. 61 on the national level according to

The Bulldawgs won the Class 5A title last week with a 26-21 at Eldorado.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

I hope that they will have enough confidence in themselves and the drive in their guts to choose to make a difference at their hometown university. NMSU has offered them scholarships, they have a chance to be part of the new era of Aggie football. I know that who the new coaches are will make a difference, but I sure hope they give NMSU a chance.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, I'm tired of seeing the best of Las Cruces headed up north to UNM. It would be nice to see Las Cruces products to don the Aggie jersey! Good luck boys, no matter what, get that free education. Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

I felt bad about Fanoga and wished him well in another blog. Now, he's trying to steal our local recruits?! This is war!
Too bad Wyoming pussed out of the home and home series earlier in the year!

Now that Mumme is gone it looks like NMSU does intend to keep the local kids in town. That's a great start!

Anonymous said...