Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some new info on NMSU coaching search

Some interesting tidbits to report on the NMSU coaching search. These come from solid sources.

Former NMSU assistant and current Nebraska assistant Barney Cotton has not been contacted for job.

Former Oklahoma St. coach Bob Simmons, who took Oklahoma St. to the Alamo Bowl has expressed interest.

West Texas A&M coach Don Carthel has sent in his stuff to be looked at.

Apparently reprensentives of former Auburn coach Terry Bowden have been pushing him, although no contact has been made with the former coach himself.

- Felix


Anonymous said...

terry bowden would be an awesome hire! he has an extensive amount of experience and with his dad and brother in the business the recruiting connections would be extremely valuable. come on boston make the decision already!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bowden would be the best one of the names going around right now. Or at least the ones that you guys have confirmed. Since Dorell, Willingham, and some of the big names havent really materialized.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if Barney Cotton has put in an application on the job or showed interest. I find it interesting how man schools that have already hired a coach. I know NMSU might not have had a chance at some of these put it looks like Boston is resting on his laurels in trying to get some of the better candidates. They will be tanken up before Boston comes up with someone. Something tells me NMSU is going to have another Mumme clone(inept coach) many just with better PR and community involvement.

Anonymous said...