Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walker is the guy, what next?

Well, it appears that UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker has been offered and accepted the head coaching job. All that's left are details.

So what next for the longtime defensive coach?

The Aggie coaching staff, I'm assuming Earnest Wilson and Joe Lee Dunn for the most part have been doing recruiting, and there are offers out there.

But Walker, who is known for his recruiting ties, must get a huge jump start in the coming weeks. The Aggies need added depth on the offensive line, at defensive back and on the defensive line.

Plus with quarterback Chase Holbrook gone and rumors swirling that backup J.J. McDermott is leaving, a quarterback signing is a must.

In addition, a new staff is obviously a priority. I still think Wilson and Dunn should be retained, but that is up to Walker.

Should Dunn and Wilson be retained?

- Felix


Anonymous said...

If JJ does leave, we still have three other qb's according to the roster on nmstatesports.com. Freshmen Trevor Walls, and Alex Carson, RSFr Scott Galland, and wasn't Baer Philipbar a qb when he first got here?

Anonymous said...

And Wes Neiman, if healthy, was a option QB in high school. Wherever he plays, he adds to the team because of his hustling effort.

Anonymous said...

Felix don't you think we need to add some depth at R.B. someone who can break some tackles and get up the field?

Anonymous said...

If Mumme was fired due to the inability of the team to win games then Wilson should be let go due to the inability of his backs to produce. Don't give the argument that the O-line wasn't healthy enough because that was one of the main reasons that Mumme gave for the lack of success.

somebody said...