Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NMSU Football Search Committee

New Mexico State has established a search committee for its new head football coach. Here's the list.

Chair – Danny Villanueva
Jim Peach
Kevin McGrath
Lou Sisbarro
Larry Lujan
John Cordova
Walt Hines
Dale Archuleta
Ray Locklin
Bob Gallagher


Anonymous said...

Gallagher? This guy will scare potential candidates for the head coaching job as he did in the presidential search.

Anonymous said...

Kevin McGrath and Lou Sisbaro?
Are they going to donate a car and open up the Burger Time drive thru for the new coach??

Stay away from Burger Time as it will clog you arteries!!
I feel an Angina coming on!

Aggie007 said...

Seriously ??? Bob Gallagher? WTF? He is being shown the door by Gov. Richardson for a REASON. What does he know about football? Put in a Regent, but not one who is on his way out the door.
And yes, stay away from Burger Time ... haha. But I do agree with Kevin McGrath in the search. He's a local guy who has been around and has been influential in the community for YEARS and he would be a good voice to represent Las Cruces.
But Gallagher? Please ...

Anonymous said...

I do not discriminate. I think the entire list stinks!

somebody said...